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Privacy Policy

Information is periodically collected from the customers of Aros & Hall. This privacy policy shall outline the information collected and how that information is used. Continued use of this website is an acceptance of this privacy policy in all its forms.

Personal Information Collected

Information is collected from customers in a number of circumstances, including when direct contact is made, when a visit to a web page is made, and when specific personal information is submitted in order to carry out our home improvement services. Information collected includes but is not limited to your name, your address, your telephone number, your email address, and your IP address.

In the event that additional information is requested it is used with the intention of carrying out our services without interruption. Information that is requested specifically is entirely voluntary, and you are free to refuse to supply further information.


Upon visiting this website, information may be stored about you. These are commonly known as cookies, and they track specific pieces of information, such as the country you are accessing the website from. Cookies cannot be used to track your movements, nor will they feed us any information when you leave this website. Passwords are not stored using cookies.

Aros & Hall use them in order to gather information to improve our services. They tell us more information about the people accessing this website. By deciding to access and use this website, you implicitly agree to accept the presence of cookies.

Other Data

Aros & Hall may decide to keep a record of certain pieces of data when they are collected automatically by our services. These pieces of information include the URL you came to the website from, your IP address and the URL you visit immediately after leaving the website.

Such information does not identify the individual and is not analysed in a way that could identify the individual.