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Our Team

At the heart of Aros & Hall are the men and women that carry out its day-to-day operations. Every member of the team has been chosen due to their experience within the home improvement sector. We believe that it is important for us to understand our customers in order to fulfil their needs. Our team is proud to be empathetic towards the needs of you and your family.

With a combined lifetime of experience, Aros & Hall delivers high-quality home improvement services, such as conservatories and loft conversions. We are fully qualified to work in the UK and have won a large number of plaudits for the professional manner in which we carry out our work.

Committed to Quality

This team is committed to quality and has spent years working to improve. Even today, we are determined to continue to improve our services. Every member of the team knows that this is a process that never truly ends. It is what keeps our team motivated and passionate about what they do.

We welcome you to Aros & Hall and invite you to find out more about what we can do for you and why we are so determined to progress our industry.

Mike Aros Founding Partner

Mike Aros is a serial entrepreneur in the construction industry. His previous experience includes various leadership positions as part of both residential and commercial building firms. With over twenty years of experience under his belt, he is the co-founder of Aros & Hall, an organisation committed to dealing with customers in a fair and professional way at all times.

He is fully qualified in a range of sectors, including business management and a number of building niches. Today, his role is administrative, but he is not afraid to get his hands dirty when needed.

In the future, he hopes to make Aros & Hall a global brand, while providing the personalised small business approach that he is so proud of today.

David Hall - Founding Partner/Builder

David Hall is a co-founder of Aros & Hall. He joined with Mike Aros after working for the same home improvement company for three years. He realised that the current offerings on the market were not fit for purpose and he wanted to change that. With fifteen years of experience in the building sector, David Hall now works for Aros & Hall as the chief builder of the company.

He manages a strong team of builders on-site during every project. His goal is not only to make Aros & Hall a success but also to help train the next generation of builders to treat customers in the right way.

Rita Stubbins - Financial Controller

Rita Stubbins joined the company after leaving a hardware company, where she served as its financial controller for five years. She says that the reason she joined this organisation was to make a real difference to the lives of ordinary people. She wanted to be closer to what the company actually does, rather than sitting in a back office somewhere.

Her role within Aros & Hall is to ensure that budgets are met and the company is able to sustain itself in the long-term for both itself and the benefit of its customers.

She hopes to have a long and successful career with Aros & Hall.

Richard Dobson - Architect

Richard Dobson is the chief architect at Aros & Hall. He is the chief architect and the brains behind the largest projects handled by us. He has worked all over the world as a commercial architect. Since transitioning into architecture for the residential market seven years ago, he has helped thousands of ordinary people make their dreams a reality.

Richard works directly with our customers in order to help them flesh out their ideas and provide them with the tools they need to decide on what they actually want. And just as important so they can understand what we are able to do for them.